India’s First Lighthouse Festival

The Union Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways, which oversees lighthouses across the nation, has unveiled a grand plan to transform 75 lighthouses into thriving tourist destinations. This visionary initiative is part of the Lighthouse Heritage Tourism Plan and marks the inaugural Lighthouse Festival of India, scheduled to take place in Goa from September 23 to 25.

Promoting Lighthouse Heritage Tourism

The ministry is determined to promote lighthouse heritage tourism by revamping these structures along the lines of their European and American counterparts, using the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

A Gathering of History Enthusiasts

Over the course of three days, the festival will bring together historians, archaeologists, cultural anthropologists, and others with a passion for history and culture.

Attracting Investment and Visitors

This festival is described as a roadshow aimed at drawing investors to develop these lighthouses and attracting tourists to these unique hubs. During the event, the ministry will present its proposal for lighthouse heritage tourism and investment opportunities across the initial 75 lighthouses.

Private Sector Interest

The event is expected to draw private sector investors, with senior government officials from the Centre holding closed-door meetings to explore investment prospects.

Tourist Attractions Galore

For tourists, the festival promises cultural exhibitions spotlighting maritime history and culture, classical music performances, captivating light and sound shows, and an array of delightful cuisine.

A Part of ‘Bharat Pravah’ Initiative

The Lighthouse Festival is a vital component of the ‘Bharat Pravah’ initiative, which seeks to underscore the profound influence and significance of rivers, ports, and shipping in India’s daily life, particularly in terms of culture and history.


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