Indians Lead in Acquiring Australian Citizenship in 2019-2020

More than 38000 Indians became Australian citizens in 2019-2020, a 60% increase from the previous year and with this, Indians became the largest diaspora group to be granted citizenship of the country.

A total of 200000 people got the citizenship of the country and among them, 38209 are Indians and they were followed by British and Pakistan Citizens.

A total of 619164 people have identified themselves as belonging to India as of the Census 2016 and this comprises 2.8% of the Australian population. Among all these people, more than 5.90 lakhs were actually born in India.

The Australian government has focused on providing Australian citizenship to others in order to ensure the success of the country as a socially cohesive, multicultural nation. In line with this, the government has continued with the citizenship grant process even during the COVID 19 pandemic, though through online mode.


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