Ministry of Earth Sciences Announces Awards for Excellence in Earth System Science

The Ministry of Earth Sciences, mandated to provide the nation with the best possible services for weather, climate, ocean, coastal and natural hazards, etc. has announced the Awards for Excellence in Earth System Science. The ministry announces these awards in order to recognize the eminent scientists and engineers working in this area and also to encourage women and young researchers to make them come into the mainstream of Earth System Science.

List of Awardees for 2020

  • Lifetime Excellence Award: Prof. Ashok Sahni.
  • National Award for Ocean Science and Technology: Dr V. V. S. S. Sharma (National Institute of Oceanography) and Dr M. Ravichandran (National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, Goa)
  • National Award for Atmospheric Science and Technology: Dr S. Suresh Babu (VSSC, Thiruvanthapuram)
  • National Award for Ocean Technology: Dr M.A. Atmanand (National Institute of Ocean Technology)
  • Anna Mani Award for Woman Scientist: Dr Lidita D.S. Khandeparker (National Institute of Oceanography)
  • Young Researcher Award: Dr Indra Sekhar Sen (IIT Kanpur) and Dr Arvind Singh (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad)


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