Indian Railways’ First Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal

The first ‘Gati Shakti’ cargo terminal of Indian Railways’ was inaugurated in the Eastern Railway’s Asansol division. The cargo facility is expected to boost railway earnings by roughly Rs 11 crore per month.


  • The Asansol division of Indian Railways has successfully commissioned a private siding of Maithan Power in Thaparnagar, Jharkhand, in accordance with the Prime Minister’s vision of Gati Shakti and the Ministry of Railways’ policy on the ‘Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminal’ (GCT).
  • Since the establishment of the GCT policy in December 2021, this is the first such terminal to be commissioned by Indian Railways.
  • In 2009 the Maithan Power Project was initiated and in 2011 power generation was started.
  • Rail transportation is beneficial to the economy because it is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation. The commissioning of this terminal, as well as others like it, will have a significant positive impact on the nation’s economy.

About PM Gati Shakti

PM Gati Shakti is an initiative launched with aim of coordinating infrastructure projects across all key infrastructure ministries, including railways, roads, waterways, and aviation, for the planning as well as execution of national infrastructure projects including all state governments. The Gati Shakti initiative has brought together 16 ministries and departments of the Indian government, including the railways and roads.



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