Indian Army to Acquire 200 Mounted Howitzers in Border Areas Modernization

In an effort to enhance its mobile firepower in high-altitude border areas like the Line of Actual Control with China, the Indian Army is set to issue a tender for the acquisition of 200 new mounted howitzers equipped with 105 mm guns. This ‘Make in India’ project aims to strengthen formations deployed in forward positions, marking the first deployment of 105 mm mounted howitzers in the Indian artillery.

Indigenous Modernization

The Indian Army is pursuing indigenous modernization of its artillery capabilities, leveraging the capabilities of Indian firms. This initiative aligns with the ‘Make in India’ route, with the Indian industry showcasing expertise in artillery systems. The procurement includes 200 mounted howitzers and a separate case for the clearance of 400 new towed guns, all contributing to the indigenous development of artillery capabilities.

Discussion on Towed Artillery Guns

The Defence Acquisition Council meeting scheduled for November 30 will discuss the proposal for procuring 400 towed artillery gun systems under the ‘Make in India’ route. The focus is on developing the 155 mm/52 calibre Towed Gun System, emphasizing lighter weight, versatility, and compatibility with future technological advancements.

Tender for Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems (ATAGS)

The Indian Army has already issued a tender for the procurement of 307 Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems (ATAGS) and is seeking a mounted gun system for border requirements with China and Pakistan. The aim is to ensure that the Indian Designed, Developed, and Manufactured howitzers are entirely indigenous. The Army emphasizes lighter weight for easy deployment in high-altitude regions.

Mediumisation Plan and Procurement Timeline

The procurement process is part of the Indian Army’s Mediumisation plan with indigenous guns, with the goal of completion by 2042. Over the last decade, contracts have been concluded for the procurement of various gun systems, including Dhanush, Sharang, Ultra Light Howitzer (ULH), and K-9 Vajra Self Propelled Guns. These acquisitions contribute to the ongoing modernization efforts and enhancement of artillery capabilities in the Indian Army.

Regimental Equipments

Seven Regiments have already been equipped with ULHs, while five have been equipped with self-propelled guns, showcasing the progress in enhancing the artillery capabilities of the Indian Army. The ongoing modernization efforts reflect a strategic focus on indigenous development and strengthening the nation’s defense capabilities in critical border areas.



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