IndiaAI Report

After extensive research, the IndiaAI program has produced its inaugural report, which outlines a comprehensive roadmap for the development of India’s artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. It encompasses a wide range of recommendations and insights aimed at fostering AI development in India.

Working Groups and Core Goals

  • Seven working groups from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) collaborated to create the report.
  • The report is designed to guide India’s AI ecosystem development, as envisioned by Prime Minister Modi.

Key Takeaways:

Establishing Centers of Excellence (CoEs)

  • The report discusses operational aspects related to the establishment of Centers of Excellence (CoEs).
  • CoEs will serve as hubs for AI research and development.

Data Management and Processing

  • The institutional framework governing data collection, management, processing, and storage by the National Data Management Office (NDMO) is detailed in the report.
  • The NDMO will play a crucial role in managing data for AI applications.

Leveraging India’s IT Strengths

  • The report suggests leveraging India’s demographic dividend and its status as an IT superpower to promote AI skills.
  • Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are recommended to bolster AI innovation through enhanced AI compute infrastructure.

Design Linked Incentive (DLI) Scheme

  • The DLI Scheme aims to provide financial incentives and design infrastructure support to domestic companies, startups, and MSMEs.
  • This scheme encourages innovation and development in the AI sector.

AI for All

  • The primary goal of the IndiaAI program is to make AI accessible to all.
  • The report identifies tangible next action items to achieve this objective.

Mission-Centric Approach

  • IndiaAI adopts a mission-centric approach to bridge gaps in the AI ecosystem.
  • Key focus areas include compute infrastructure, data management, AI financing, research and innovation, skill development, and institutional capacity for data.

Catalyzing AI Ecosystem

  • IndiaAI is set to catalyze and support the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Initiatives like the India datasets program and India AI Compute Platform will be promoted.

India Datasets Platform

  • The India Datasets Platform will house one of the largest collections of anonymized datasets for Indian researchers.
  • These datasets will be invaluable for training AI models and conducting research.

India AI Compute Platform

  • The India AI Compute Platform is a public-private partnership project focused on creating substantial GPU capacity for startups and researchers.
  • This platform will drive AI innovation in India.

Support for AI Chip Development

  • IndiaAI will also support the development of AI chips in partnership with the Semicon India program.
  • AI chips are essential for the advancement of AI technology.



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