‘Green Hydrogen Pilots in India’ Conference

In preparation for the 18th G20 Summit, a day-long conference titled “Green Hydrogen Pilots in India” is scheduled to take place in New Delhi on September 5, 2023. The event, hosted by NTPC Ltd., India’s leading integrated power producer, highlighted various green hydrogen pilot projects undertaken by both public and private sector companies across India.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore these projects, gain insights into clean energy’s future, and engage in discussions to address technological challenges, establish local supply chains, and enhance techno-economic feasibility.

Primary objective of the “Green Hydrogen Pilots in India” conference

The conference aims to showcase green hydrogen pilot projects in India, fostering discussions, sharing achievements, and addressing challenges in the clean energy sector. It is significant as it promotes sustainable energy solutions and aligns with India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission.

Contribution of green hydrogen pilot projects

Green hydrogen pilot projects provide valuable insights, address technological challenges, and help establish local supply chains, ultimately optimizing the feasibility of clean energy solutions in India.

Key green hydrogen pilot projects showcased at the conference

Projects like green hydrogen blending, mobility solutions, green shipping, microgrids, and more were showcased during the conference. It covered sectors like energy, transportation, and manufacturing, demonstrating the versatility of green hydrogen.


The discussions during the conference facilitated information sharing, encouraged collaboration among stakeholders, and addressed challenges faced by early movers in the green hydrogen sector, promoting its technological growth and widespread adoption.

Alignment with the National Green Hydrogen Mission

The conference supports the goals of the National Green Hydrogen Mission by promoting green hydrogen initiatives. It is expected to inspire collective efforts and advancements in clean energy, contributing to India’s sustainable future.



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