India Togo relations

The Togo embassy was opened in India in 2010. India till date has no diplomatic mission contributing to Togo. India has been providing economic assistance to the country since 2008. In 2016, Government of India offered 100,000 USD to the Togo government for organizing African Union Maritime security summit. Apart from this, India has so far extended 4 lines of credit to the Togolese government. It totally amounts to 144.35 million USD. It helped the government in several projects like rural electrification, farming and cultivation of maize, sorghum and rice.

The trade between the countries have grown significantly after 2013. The exports from India to the country in the year 2017 – 18 was around 382 million USD. It includes mineral oils, fuels, cerelas, cotton, clothing and apparels, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel articles, electrical and mechanical appliances, rubber, etc. India imports 153.52 million USD (2017 – 18) worth goods. It includes metal scrap, wood articles, oil seeds, nuts and coconuts.

There are around 200 to 300 Indians living in the country. They are mainly engaged in trading, hotels and super markets.

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