India, France and UAE Maritime Partnership Exercise

The first-ever India-France-UAE Maritime Partnership Exercise recently took place in the Gulf of Oman. This exercise marked a significant milestone in strengthening trilateral cooperation among the navies of India, France, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With the objective of improving joint strategies and ensuring maritime security, the exercise witnessed the participation of several naval assets and the execution of various operations.

Location and Participants

The exercise unfolded in the Gulf of Oman, a strategic maritime region known for its crucial trade routes and geopolitical significance. Indian Navy’s INS Tarkash, a powerful frigate, played a pivotal role in the exercise alongside the French Navy’s Surcouf. Adding to the exercise’s prowess, advanced Rafale fighter jets were deployed to demonstrate the airpower capabilities of the participating nations.

Naval Operations and Exercises

The India-France-UAE Maritime Partnership Exercise encompassed a wide range of naval operations, including surface warfare and helicopter cross-deck landing operations. These operations tested the coordination, interoperability, and tactical skills of the naval forces involved. Additionally, advanced air defense exercises were conducted, highlighting the joint efforts in safeguarding the skies above the maritime domain.

Objective and Collaborative Focus

The primary objective of this maritime partnership exercise was to improve trilateral cooperation among the Indian, French, and UAE navies. The exercise aimed to foster greater understanding, trust, and synergy among the participating forces. The development of joint strategies to address both traditional and non-traditional threats in the maritime environment was a key focus. Moreover, the exercise emphasized collaboration to ensure the safety of mercantile trade and the freedom of navigation in the high seas.



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