Income Tax Survey at BBC offices

The Income Tax Department operating under the Finance Ministry recently launched a massive survey on BBC offices located in different parts of the country. The survey was launched mainly in Delhi and Mumbai. Officials seized laptops and mobile phones. According to the legal experts, the survey is a counter-action to the BBC document on the 2002 riots. The document links PM Modi with the riots.

What is the story?

In 2002, a train was set to fire in Godhra and the incident killed more than 58 Hindu pilgrims. These pilgrims were returning from Ayodhya. Riots and anti-muslim activities increased in the state of Gujarat because of the incident. It took three days to control the riots. More than 1044 people were killed. PM Modi was the then CM of Gujarat. He was linked with the riots. Congress party filed a petition regarding the “link”. SC took up the case. SIT teams were established to investigate. Based on the findings of the SIT, SC relieved him from the case.

Recent Developments

Recently, BBC created a document on the riots. The document was banned by GoI. A month back, social activist Advocate Prashanth Bhushan and others filed a petition against the ban in Supreme Court. The SC issued a notice asking for explanations of the ban. After receiving the explanations from GoI, on February 10, 2023, the SC dismissed the case claiming the petition is “misconceived”. Now with this judgement, the GoI claims that BBC is corrupt. According to GoI, the organization is misleading the country with false accusations and has launched the survey!



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