Greek Embassy Event to Host Event About Situation in Mariupol

An event is scheduled to take place at the Greek Embassy in Delhi to showcase the situation in Mariupol, Ukraine. The event is backed by the European Union mission in Delhi and EUNIC. It event with exhibit photographs and showcase music performances by Ukrainian nationals of Greek ethnicity.

Ethnic Greeks in Mariupol and Ukraine

Mariupol, a city in southeast Ukraine, has been home to Pontic Greeks for centuries. Greeks used to form a significant minority in Mariupol before the conflict. Greek communities have been living in the area since the 18th century, preserving and developing their unique traditions, culture, music, and dialect, Roumeiki, within independent Ukraine since 1991.

About Pontic Greeks

The Pontic Greeks are a group of people of Greek ethnicity who are indigenous to the Pontus region in northeastern Anatolia, Turkey. They have a distinct language and culture that has evolved differently from the rest of the Greek world due to their geographic isolation. The Pontic Greeks have a long history in the region, dating back to at least 700 BC, and have migrated to other parts of Eastern Anatolia, as well as to Georgia and the former Russian province of Kars Oblast. Today, most Pontic Greeks reside in Greece, particularly in and around Thessaloniki in Greek Macedonia, due to the population exchange with Turkey in 1923.

Mariupol during the Conflict

Mariupol was a city with a lot of Greek heritage landmarks before the conflict. The city of Mariupol was destroyed after the siege that took place in February 2022.  Many villages in the surrounding region faced a similar fate, resulting in many Ukrainians in the area becoming refugees.

Purpose of the Event

The event aims to bring attention to the challenges faced by ethnic Greeks in Ukraine and to commemorate their culture and legacy. The spotlight is on Mariupol’s plight during the conflict. The community will unite to demonstrate their support and determination during difficult times. The event will also provide assistance to the ethnic Greeks who have been displaced since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022.




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