Minoan, Mycenaean Civilizations and Origin of Greek Civilization

To the men of early civilizations, the sea meant mystery and danger. In their sailboats and other small craft, they ventured upon it with caution, staying close to the shoreline by day and taking refuge in harbors at night. Little by little the sea grew in importance as a highway for trade. The Phoenicians were ..


Ancient Greece and Rome: The Introduction

Much of Western civilization can be traced to a common source—the world of ancient Greece and Rome. From this world came principles of law and government, fundamental concepts in science and mathematics, standards of art and architecture, and the root words of many living languages. Indeed, so much of Greco- Roman civilization serves as a ..

Austerity and Greece

Austerity measures refer to steps taken by governments facing massive debts to rein in their spending. Often, austerity measures are a pre-condition imposed by lenders or creditors who provide the bailout packages to the governments in debt. The governments in question are in no position to contest such requirements because if they cannot secure funding ..