Tibet Matters March

The Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) has organized a month-long Tibet Matters March from Sikkim’s Gangtok to Assam’s Tezpur. Since it began on April 29, over 80 volunteers from the TYC regional chapters in India and Nepal have joined the march.

Purpose of the March

The primary aim of the Tibet Matters March is to raise awareness about the human rights situation in Tibet and to promote Tibetan independence. During the Tibet Matters March, TYC activists are calling on both international leaders and China to take the required measures to settle the Sino-Tibetan dispute. They also called on the G20 leaders to bring up this topic during the summit that will be held in September 2023.

Tibet Matters March Campaign

The Tibet Matters March is part of a larger campaign that seeks to raise awareness about the human rights situation in Tibet and promote Tibetan independence. The campaign involves a series of marches and demonstrations in various parts of the world, along with online activism and advocacy.

TYC’s Demands and Concerns

The activists from TYC highlight the significance of Tibet in resolving the increasing conflicts between China and several Southeast Asian countries. Concerns were raised about Chinese colonial educational system, which forcibly enrolls more than a million Tibetan students in state-run boarding schools and removes them from their families. This policy is considered genocidal, meant to alienate Tibetan children from their heritage. The activists are calling for the shutdown of the boarding schools that are jeopardising the Tibetan culture and identity.

Current State of Human Rights in Tibet

Tibet is currently the least free nation in the world, ranking alongside South Sudan and Syria at the bottom of Freedom House’s worldwide freedom rankings after more than 60 years of forcible and unlawful occupation. China’s oppressive actions aim to erase the basic identity of Tibetans, including their culture, traditions, and language.



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