Innovative Extension Approaches for Revitalising Agriculture in J&K

The Government of India recently issued an order to boost sustainable agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir. According to the order, a project called “Innovative Extension Approaches for Revitalising Agriculture in J&K” will be implemented in the Union Territory. The project is to be implemented in five years. The project was recommended by the UT Apex committee.

What are the key objectives of the project?

  • Two thousand Kissan Khidmat Ghars will be created. They are to be created at Panchayat levels and will act as One-stop Centre for all agriculture-related issues.
  • Business orientation centres are to be established in SKUSAT (Sher – E Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology).
  • Problems will be addressed through RS-GIS-driven advisories. RS-GIS is a cyber-based problem redressal facility
  • ICT-based virtual contacts will be created
  • Strong MIS systems will be created
  • Transparency is to be maintained between the department for good administration and service delivery
  • The project will use real-time agro-ecology information
  • Farm-centric planning using IoT

Funds allocated

The Government of India allocated Rs 463 crores for this project.

Need for the project

There is a wide gap between the farmers and workers in the UT. The ratio between workers and farmers is 1:!000. Also, there is a lack of coordination.



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