Sikhs and Jews most targeted in hate crimes in US

The FBI recently released its annual compilation of nationwide incidents. According to the report, Sikhs and Jews are the most targeted in hate crimes. There were 1005 religion-related hate crimes in the US in 2021. Of these, anti-Sikhs were 21.3% and Anti-Jews were 21.3%.

Key findings of the report

  • Anti-Muslim hate crimes were 9.5% of the total religion-based hate crimes
  • Anti-Catholic hate crimes were 6.1%
  • Anti-Eastern Orthodox, mostly against people from Greece and Russia was 6.5%

There are 7,262 hate crime incidents in the country. The crime rates have decreased and so did the reporting agencies.

The anti-black crime rates remain the highest in the country. Of the total crimes, the anti-black account to 63.2%.

Why are anti-Sikh crimes high in the US?

In the Sikh religion, men cannot shave or cut their hair. They use a turban and wrap their hair. Almost every Sikh is committed to their religious belief. Unfortunately, in the US beards and turbans are associated with terrorists! This has put the Sikh community in the US vulnerable to hate violence and discrimination.




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