Govt proposes a board for growth of auto sector

NAB: National Automative Board

image The government has finalized the proposal to set up NAB under the Department of Heavy Industry to support fresh initiatives for the growth of the automobile sector. NAB would be set up as an autonomous body constituting technical and domain experts to take up and synergise the ongoing and fresh go-aheads of the government for the growth of the automobile sector.

What will be the key functions of NAB?

The key functions of the board include:

Administration, regulation and synergizing the operations of the testing centres, alleviate collaborative R&D activities and issue of testing and homologation certificates based on test reports submitted to NAB by the testing centres.

Why NAB?

As part of its endeavour to encourage sustainable development of Indian automotive segment,the Government of India has decided to establish a NAB. The basic idea of setting up NATRiP is to establish new automotive testing and R&D Centres across the country, besides upgrading the existing centres.


  • The NAB needs to be in position before the National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) centres are commissioned and NATRiP Implementation Society (NATIS) is wound up.
  • NATRiP has 3 centres across the India including The Vehicle Research and Development Establishment at Ahmednagar, Automotive Research Association of India at Pune, in western India and International Centre for Automotive Technology at Manesar, in the north Indian state of Haryana. Besides the upgradation of these three automotive testing and R&D centres, NATRiP’s other roles included establishing four greenfield facilities at various major destinations pan India, including Chennai, Rae Bareilly, Indore and Silchar for the purpose of automotive testing, coupled with homologation and R&D
  • NATIS is the apex body for implementation of NATRiP.


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