Sudarshan Shakti

  • Recently, the Indian Armed Forces (Army and Air Force) is testing its war-fighting doctrine in the Barmer-Jaisalmer sector, in biggest ever war game.
  • The frontline IAF fighter aircraft such as the Sukhoi-30, AWACS and UAVs provided live feed of war games to battle field commanders.
  • Sixty thousand troops and 300 tanks participated in the exercise codenamed ‘Sudarshan Shakti’, aimed at strengthening war fighting skills of army’s Southern Command and IAF’s South Western Air Command by bringing together all elements including air power on one single platform.
  • Apart from 120 artillery guns and an array of missiles and rockets, the exercise involves operation by aircraft such as Su-30 MKI, Jaguars, Mig-27 and Mig-21 AWACS and helicopters. The exercise will end in mid-December.


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