Google Policy Change In line with CCI direction

Our smartphones come with pre–installed apps like Gmaps, Gmail, Google search engines, etc. We cannot uninstall these apps even if we do use them. Apart from Google apps some smartphones also come with third-party apps (supported by Google). Google uses its dominance and influences smartphone makers to pre–install apps. This creates a nuisance to the users and discourages competition in the market. To avoid this, the Competition Commission of India imposed a fine of 161 million USD on Google owner Alphabet for using its dominance to exploit Indian markets. The Supreme Court recently upheld CCI’s direction. Following this, Google changed its policy.

What policy changes were brought in?

  • Users can now choose to change their default search engines on their smartphones
  • User choice billing is used for subscriptions and app purchases. This billing is to be available for all apps from February 2023
  • Android compatibility changes were introduced.
  • Smartphone makers (OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturers) shall pre-install the apps at their will


The Competition Commission of India has been continuously imposing penalties on Google. Anti – Trust orders were issued for Google’s misuse of its dominance in the market. Following the CCI order, Alphabet (Google’s owner) approached National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. NCLAT also upheld CCI orders. Later Alphabet approached the Supreme court. And the apex court also turned down Google’s filings.




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