iNCOVACC: First Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccine

There are different methods of vaccine administration. Oral, Intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular. But the Bharat Biotech recently launched an intranasal vaccine to treat COVID-19. It is called iNCOVACC. Intra-nasal means the vaccine is administered through nose. India has approved the vaccine and it is to be administered as a booster dose.


  • The price of the vaccine is Rs 800 in private hospitals and Rs 325 in government hospitals
  • Two doses have been advised. The doses are to be administered within a time gap of 28 days
  • Adeno Virus is the carrier of iNCOVACC. Meaning, the antigen from Coronavirus is isolated and injected into the Adeno virus. This is done to increase the immunity power of the human body. The vaccines injected into the human body teach the immune system to fight against the virus. The carrier viruses aid in increases this fighting levels
  • iNCOVACC is easy to deliver. Because; no needles or syringes are used in administering the vaccine
  • Vaccine administration requires no skilled professionals. Any common man can administer the vaccine

Who should not take iNCOVACC?

You should not take iCONVACC if you have a fever, allergies, etc. Also, you should not take iCONVACC if you are immune compromised, which means if you have AIDS or other immune-related diseases.




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