Global Conference on Compressed Biogas

The Two Day Global Conference on Compressed Biogas (CBG) was organized by IFGE-CBG Producers Forum with assistance from Ministry for Petroleum & Natural Gas. It is an important event for the promotion of CBG in India. The conference was held on April 17 to 18. It focused on creating a progressive policy framework for the growth and development of the CBG industry in India.

Objective and Scheme

The primary objective of the conference is to apprise the industry about the initiatives taken by the Government of India for the development of the CBG industry and to identify areas where policy modifications are required.

Properties and Utilization of CBG

CBG has properties similar to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). It is a green renewable alternative that can be utilized in automotive, industrial, and commercial areas, making it a versatile and sustainable energy source.

Institutional Partners and Supporting Organizations

The institutional partners of the conference are TERI, NAMA Facility, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and LCB Forum (Low Carbon Biofuel Forum), Greece. Indian Oil Corporation is one of the supporting organizations.

Mission of IFGE

The mission of IFGE (Indian Federation of Green Energy) is to promote energy security in a sustainable manner in every sector of economic development through outreach activities like organizing workshops, conferences, and policy advocacy initiatives.The purpose of IFGE: CBG Producer Forum is to provide training and awareness programs for LOI Holders, Stake Holders, Prospective Investors, including policy advocacy for the industry members.



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