GK & Current Affairs: May 7-10, 2013

1. Which among the following companies has become the biggest profit maker on annual list of Fortune 500?
[D]General Motors

Wal-Mart replaced ExxonMobil as the biggest revenue maker on the annual list of Fortune 500. Wal-Mart reclaimed the top spot on the list from energy titan ExxonMobil after
posting $469.2 billion in revenue. Apple cracked into the top 10 companies for the first time, vaulting into sixth place from the prior year’s
number 27 slot.

2. In which of the following year India handed over Katchtheevu island to Sri Lanka?

Katchatheevu is a controversial uninhabited island administered by Sri Lanka. This island is given to Sri Lanka by India in 1974 on a conditional basis. Recently Tamilnadu
legislative assembly unanimously passed a resolution seeking the centre to retrieve Katchatheevu island that was ceded to Sri Lanka under
1974 agreement between India and Sri Lanka government.

3. As per the annual report of “State of World’s Mothers 2013” India’s ranking in mothers safety is__?

The annual report called “State of World’s Mother 2013” was issued by an international NGO “Save the Children” before mother’s day. The report was featured by a ranking
list of mother’s index, showing the conditions of mothers in 176 countries. Among the review countries, Finland was ranked the best country.

4. Which country recently banned Air Conditioners use in Government offices?

Pakistan Government has decided to ban the use of air conditioners by government offices to help cope with the country’s pervasive energy shortage

5. Who has been recently appointed as Cyber Security Chief of India?
[A]Gulshan Rai
[B]Naveen Chandra
[C]Raghunath Rai
[D]Mahesh Bhatt

Gulshan Rai
The union government has approved the appointment of Gulshan Rai current head of CERT.IN, as the cyber security coordinator.

6. Identify the countries that were granted the observer status in Arctic Circle by Arctic Council recently?
[A]India, Pakistan, Italy, China and South Korea
[B]India, China, Italy, Singapore and South Korea
[C]India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China and Pakistan
[D]China, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Italy

India, China, Italy, Singapore and South Korea
India, China, Italy, Singapore and South Korea along with Japan are the six nations which got the observer status in Arctic Council.

7. Who won the Women’s and Men’s Madrid open title 2013?
[A]Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal
[B]Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic
[C]Roberta Vinci, Monte Carlo
[D]Li Na, Roger Federer

Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal

8. Who among the following is the Director General of World Trade Organisation?
[A]Pascal Lamy
[B]Herminio Blanco
[C]Taeho Bark
[D]Robert Carvalho de Azevedo

Robert Carvalho de Azevedo
Robert Carvalho de Azevedo, Brazil’s 55 years old ambassador to the WTO is the new Director General of WTO. Azevedo replaced Pascal Lamy.

9. Union cabinet declared the year 2013 as____?
[A]Forest Conservation Year
[B]Soil Conservation Year
[C]Water Conservation Year
[D]Wildlife Conservation Year

Water Conservation Year
The Union cabinet approved the proposal to declare 2013 as Water Conservation Year under which awareness programme will be launched for conservation of the scare
natural resource. Under the proposal which got the nods of the union cabinet, the water resource ministry will launch a series of programmes

10. Recently hill forts of which state were inscribed to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list?

Six hill forts of Rajasthan have been selected for inscription on UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage list. The hill forts are located in the Aravalli mountain range and are
excellent examples of Rajput military hill architecture, which are found in palaces, temples, memorials and even in villages. Built between the eighth and 19th centuries, these forts are unique to this region and creatively use the landscape to increase protection and are exceptional of centers of Rajput power and control, reflections of courtly culture and patronage of arts and music.

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