GI Tag for Narasingapettai Nagaswaram

Geographical Indication tag has been awarded to the Narasingapettai Nagaswaram under the category of musical instruments of class 15.


  • Narasinghapettai nagaswaram is a classical wind music instrument that is traditionally made in a village near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.
  • On behalf of Thanjavur Musical Instruments Workers Co-operative Cottage Industrial Society Limited, the application for receiving the GI tag was filed by Tamil Nadu’s Nodal Officer for GI Registration of Products.
  • Narasinganpettai village-based artisans who inherited these wooden instruments making skills from their forefathers, are manufacturing them through a process that requires specialized skills.
  • The nagaswaram that is being used by artists nowadays is named pari nagaswaram and that is longer than the thimiri.

The shape of the nagaswaram

This musical instrument has a body that is cylindrical in shape and takes the shape of a bell at the bottom. This form of the nagaswaram provides volume and tone. The instrument’s length is two and a half feet.

The manufacturing process of Narasinghapettai nagaswaram

Most of the Narasinghapettai nagaswaram is manufactured using the aacha or Hardwickia binata tree. Most of the time, woods from the parts of old houses are also used by the artisans. Drilling machines, along with carpentry tools are also utilized by artisans to manufacture the nagaswarams that are played in various functions like festivals, weddings, fairs, etc.



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