NATO ‘Cold Response 2022’

The military exercise ‘Cold Response 2022’ has been organized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Norway starting from 14th March till 1st April 2022. This exercise is held biennially in Norway and NATO Allies and partner nations take part.


  • This ongoing exercise has brought together 220 aircraft, 30000 soldiers, and over 50 ships from 27 countries.
  • Out of the 30000 soldiers, 14000 are ground troops, there are 8000 sailors and naval troops, and the rest are troops from the air force as well as staff officers from several Norwegian military facilities.
  • This exercise is a defensive exercise where the allies of Norway as well as their own army trains on various combat situations to defend the country against outside threats.
  • Most of the exercise will be held in central, southeast, and northern Norway.
  • Norway’s Porsangmoen Base and Bodø Air Base will also host some activities of this exercise.

Aim of the exercise

This exercise has been held biennially off Norway’s coast since 2006 with the aim of improving the collaboration and military capability of the alliance. This exercise is held in a combat environment that portrays the harsh Arctic setting with cold weather and rough terrain.

The Scenario of the Exercise for 2022

This year’s scenario is that Norway is being attacked, and article 5 has been enacted for the collective defense of the nation. This exercise is also looking to boost the eastern flank of the alliance.



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