ExoMars Program

The ExoMars Mission has been delayed by 2 years due to software problems. The ESA mission is now expected to be launched in 2022.

About the Program

The ExoMars or Exobiology on Mars mission is a collaborative program between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Roscosmos (Russian space agency). Its objective is to look for life on Mars, apart from studying the history of water on the planet, its geochemistry, atmospheric compositions, etc.

Rosalind Franklin Rover

Rosalind Franklin is the rover that is to be launched on board the ExoMars mission. It was previously expected to land on the Martian surface in March 2021. It has a drill which would enable the access to the sub-surface areas of Mars. It was named after the English chemist, Rosalind Franklin.

Trace Gas Orbiter

The Rosalind Franklin is only the second part of the ExoMars program. The first was the Trace Gas Orbiter spacecraft which was launched in 2016. It carried the failed lander Schiaparelli to Mars. The lander had crashed onto the Martian surface. The orbiter is, however, studying the trace gases in the Martian atmosphere.

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