OSIRIS-REx: NASA Spacecraft starts journey to Earth

The NASA Spacecraft called the “Osiris-Rex” has started a two year long journey back to the earth. The spacecraft reached asteroid Bennu in 2018. It then spent two years flying around it and collected rubbles. Rubbles are rough fragments of ..


NASA to launch SpaceX Crew 2

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is to launch four astronauts to the International Space Station on World Earth Day (April 22). NASA is to launch the mission along with SpaceX. About SpaceX Crew 2 It is the second crewed ..


Suspension of Space Activities

The European Space Agency announced that it would be putting 8 of its spacecrafts into ‘hibernation’ in light of the COVID-19 situation leading to a scaling down of operations. About ESA ESA or European Space Agency (also ASE) is an ..

ExoMars Program

The ExoMars Mission has been delayed by 2 years due to software problems. The ESA mission is now expected to be launched in 2022. About the Program The ExoMars or Exobiology on Mars mission is a collaborative program between the ..

Lunar Evacuation System

Lunar Evacuation System Assembly (LESA) developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) is a pyramid-like structure designed to rescue an astronaut should he or she suffer an injury on the lunar surface. How LESA Works? Since Astronauts would be wearing ..

SpaceX launches Cargo Mission for NASA to ISS

SpaceX successfully launched a Dragon spacecraft on a cargo mission for NASA to International Space Station (ISS). About Mission This is SpaceX’s fifth launch of year. The launch was rescheduled earlier due to some electrical problem on ISS. It was ..