Exercise ‘Dosti –XI’: India, Lanka, Maldives hold joint naval exercises

imageThe Sri Lankan Coast Guards are participating in a joint sea exercise with the Indian and Maldivian Coast Guards in the seas off Male.

What is Dosti-XI?

A Joint 5-day Sea Exercise b/w Srilanka, India and Maldives code named ‘Dosti XI’.
Objective: With international piracy extending its tentacles to Indian Ocean, Coast Guards of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives are taking part in a joint exercise off the coast of Male, aimed at achieving inter-operablity. The exercise will focus on Maritime Search and Rescue, Marine Pollution Response and Boarding Operations.
6 warships are taking part in the five-day exercises code named ‘Dosti XI’.

  • Indian Coast Guard ships: ‘Sankalp’ and ‘Subhadra’
  • Maldivian Coast Guard ships: ‘Huravee’, ‘Ghazee’ and ‘Shaheed Ali’
  • Sri Lankan Navy’s offshore patrol vessel: ‘SLNS Sagara’

Due to its geo-strategic significance, it is crucial for the Coast Guards of the 3 nations to ascertain the safety and security of the Indian Ocean for all sea-farers.


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