Education Ministry survey on Learning Loss

The Ministry of Education conducted a survey to learn about the education losses during COVID times. The survey was conducted in November 2021. Three districts of Andhra Pradesh and 16 districts of Tamil Nadu couldn’t participate because of heavy rains. All the other districts participated in the survey.

About the survey

The survey is called the “National achievement survey”. It was conducted with the help of district level coordinators. Before this, the survey was conducted in 2017. The results of the survey are released as report cards for individual districts. And all the district data are compiled at national level. The survey was conducted in 1.23 lakh schools. The Government intends to identify the learning interruptions created by the pandemic and take remedial measures. The schools were closed in February 2020. They then adopted online classes. The digital divide in the country brought in huge impacts on the educational outcomes of the children.

The framework of the survey was created by NCERT.

Key Findings of the Survey

  • In class III, around 6,37,867 students were expected to come to school or take online classes. However, only 5,40,325 attended the classes. Approximately, 84.71% turned up in Class III.
  • In Class V, 6,29,870 students were expected to attend classes. But only 5,45,910 students attended the classes. Approximately 86.67% turned up in Class V.
  • In Class VIII, 11,74,609 were expected to attend classes. Only 10,54,437 students attended the classes. Around 77% attended the classes.
  • In Class X, 13,44,539 were expected. Only 12,59,758 attended. This is 93.69%. The rate of participation in class X was the highest as compared to the other classes.
  • The education losses were more among the lower grade students. This affected their reading and counting skills.
  • The primary classes were suspended when the survey was held.

Overall participation

In Class III, Class V, Class VIII and Class X, total of 37,86,885 students were expected to attend the classes. However, only 34,00,430 attended. This is 89.79%.



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