Indian-Brazil Alliance for Bioenergy and Biofuels

Brazil and India have agreed to work towards the development of an Indian- Brazil Alliance for Bioenergy and Biofuels and will also be establishing a virtual India-Brazil Centre of Excellence on Ethanol.


  • Both countries have agreed to make efforts to make sustainable biofuels and bioenergy an integral part of the energy transition, especially for industry, transport, and other sectors that are difficult to decarbonise like shipping and aviation.
  • These decisions have been taken during Bento Albuquerque’s, Brazil’s Minister of Mines and Energy, visit from April 19th to 21st 2022 wherein he paid a visit to the Indian Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Hardeep Singh Puri.

Discussions during the visit

The existing bilateral cooperation across the field of the energy sector was reviewed and further commitments were made to enhance the beneficial partnership between both countries. The importance of investment by Indian companies in the Brazilian gas and oil sector was also highlighted and their commitment to safeguarding the existing investments was reaffirmed while further bilateral investments were also encouraged.

The importance of bilateral trade in oil and its by-products was also highlighted during the meeting and the willingness to expand trade was also discussed. India also expressed in acquiring crude oil from Brazil.

The Ministers also discussed further bilateral cooperation in nine key areas under two broad focus zones of Technology and future fuels and Implementation and Scaling Up.

Implementation and Scaling Up

Under this, the aspects prioritised were

  • technical aspects of E20 blends as vehicle use in current fleets
  • technical aspects of higher ethanol blends use in flex-fuel vehicles
  • flex-fuel technologies like two-stroke and four-stroke engines
  • implementation of biodiesel
  • biogas or biomethane incentives and policies
  • efficient power and heat generation in ethanol and sugar plants

Importance of promotion of biofuels and bioenergy

It is critical to promote sustainable biofuels and bioenergy to diversify options related to boosting rural development, and energy security, bringing about industrial and technological innovation and creating jobs and opportunities while reducing the global and local emissions.


Both countries, with respect to future fuels and technology, have agreed to work on feedstocks, policies, and implementation steps for second-generation ethanol, sustainable aviation fuels, and cooperation on synthetic biology.



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