Delhi: Andha Yug” play staged in Kotla, makes History

Dharamvir Bharti’s historic play Andha Yug was staged at the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. Returning to Delhi after 48 long years, the play, now directed and staged by eminent theatre personality Bhanu Bharti gave the Capital one of the grandest theatrical performances witnessed in recent times.

  • Andha Yug is set on the last day of the epic Mahabharata war. It talks about the age-old question of worthlessness of war, viewed through the eyes of a few surviving members of the Pandava-Kaurava clan.
  • It is a 1954 verse play written in Hindi and was the first important play of 20th century India.

Set in the last day of the Great Mahabharata war, the 5-act tragedy was written in the years following the 1947 partition of India atrocities, as allegory to its destruction not just of human lives, but also ethical values, and is metaphoric meditation on the politics of violence and aggressive selfhood, and that war dehumanized both individual and society, thus both the victor and the vanquished loose eventually.


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