QUAD Foreign Ministers meet held in Tokyo

On October 6, 2020, the foreign ministers of India, Japan, US and Australia held the Quad foreign ministers meet. India was represented by the External Affairs minister S JaiShankar.

India at the meet

India said that it remains committed in upholding rules-based international orders. India also mentioned that it is underpinned by rule of law, freedom of navigation and transparency. India values and respects territorial integrity, peaceful resolution of disputes and sovereignty.
India also said that it is committed towards the Indo-Pacific Ocean Initiative. The initiative was proposed by PM Modi during East Asia Summit. The initiative aims to promote safe, secure and open Indo-Pacific region.

Key Highlights

  • The meeting sends strong message to China.
  • The meeting mainly focused on security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. The ministers collectively affirmed the importance of free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region
  • Australia and Japan have assured huge investments in India under QUAD
  • The US already hails India as a big power in the Indo-Pacific.
  • The ministers exchanged views on issues related to connectivity, counter terrorism, health security, humanitarian assistance.
  • The leaders agreed to boost trade and development in ASEAN

Indo-Pacific Region

The Indo-Pacific Region is largely viewed as area that comprises of western and central Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean including South China Sea.

Issues in South China Sea

The Chinese claims in the South China Sea are countered by Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Taiwan. The Chinese efforts towards India Ocean is seen to have challenged international rules-based system. Japan has increased its concerns over the activities of China over the disputed Senkaku Islands.


The first ministerial meeting of QUAD was held in New York in September 2019. The second meeting has given strong messages to China over its assertiveness in region by supporting for free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific.




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