CSIR-CSIO transfer UV Disinfection Technology Indigenous Manufacturers

CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO) has transferred the UV Disinfection technology to 28 indigenous manufacturers. UV Disinfection technology was developed by CSIR-CSIO to combat SARS-CoV-2 virus.


UV Disinfection technology-V1.06 was developed by CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh in a bid to prevent spread of coronavirus at public places across India.

What is UV-C Air Duct Disinfection System -V1.06?

This system can be retrofit into existing air ducts. It comprises of a slide mechanism, sensors and regulated UV light source. System can be fit to ducts with some modifications. This UV ducts can kill the virus in air along with air sampling. System comprises of viral load testing techniques which checks viral load in air.

Why UV-C light is used?

UV-C Light source emits light with high energy photons. This energy has potential to kill virus & bacteria.

How this system works?

This system is calibrated to flow air at specified rates using specially designed filter. To give this device a versatile design, variable flow control unit has been installed. It works by sucking air at specified flow rates and trapping particles, virus or bacteria inside filter. Devise comprises of a gelatin tube in which foreign particles gets trapped.

Significance of the System

This technology was developed as per requirements to deactivate SARS COV-2 virus contained in an aerosol. System comes with necessary user guidelines, ventilation measures, necessary safety and tested Bio-safety standards. UV-C has the capacity to deactivate over 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, fungus etc. It can be used as retrofit solution in  Air Handling Units of buildings, malls, airports, transport vehicles and spin off applications. Use of UV-C can also help in ameliorating fungal infections which is spreading in country amid the second wave of the pandemic. This system is energy efficient and it improves airflow through coils. Thus, it enhances indoor air quality. Apart from that, it requires lesser maintenance and installation cost is also at lesser end.


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