BRICS Vaccine R&D Centre

The BRICS Vaccine Research and Development Centre has been launched by Union Health Minister, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya.


  • China’s Minister of Science and Technology, Wang Zhigang chaired the launch ceremony. He asked the BRICS countries to focus on promoting the fair distribution of vaccines and to increase cooperation among the BRICS countries.
  • The panel also discussed various strategies to cooperate among themselves and deal with future pandemics.
  • India meets 65-70% of WHO’s vaccine requirements as well as supplies vaccines to more than 150 countries and it has one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturing industries.
  • India will offer its vaccine manufacturing industry to develop vaccines for the BRICS nations as well as the rest of the world.

How will this centre help in developing vaccines?

This newly launched centre will help pool together the advantages of the BRICS countries in the field of vaccine development and research which will boost the capacity of the BRICS countries to control as well as avoid infectious diseases. The BRICS nations will also be able to provide timely help to the other developing nations across the globe.

This centre will also help in generating preclinical and clinical studies, basic R&D, and strengthen the laboratories of the BRICS countries so as to develop them to test the vaccine candidates.

Aim of the R&D Centre

This newly launched vaccine R&D centre will be looking to share experiences and collaborate among countries for mutual benefits. It will also help in accelerating vaccine development. Thus, in the long run, this centre will help save livelihoods and the lives of the citizens of BRICS countries as well as the world.



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