Blending of Biomass Pellets in Coal Based Power Plants

The blending of biomass pellets has been made mandated by the Ministry of Power. Under the “Revised Policy for Biomass Utilization for power generation Through Co-firing in Coal-based Power Plants” that was issued on 8th October 2021, the biomass pellets are to be made mainly from agro residue along with coal.


  • The thermal power plants in the country have been instructed to use a 5 per cent blend of biomass pellets which are made mainly of agro residue along with coal.
  • With effect from two years of the order’s issue and thereafter the percentage of blending will be increased to 7 per cent except for those which has Ball & Tube mill.
  • 7 years will be the minimum contract period that will be required for the procurement of the biomass pellets by generating utilities. This has been done so that delay can be avoided in awarding contracts and also the supply chain can be maintained.

What are biomass pellets?

Biomass pellets are a type of biomass fuel that is very popular. These pellets are mostly made from agricultural biomass, wood wastes, forestry residues, commercial grasses, etc. These pellets not only help in saving the cost of storage and transportation, but the biomass pellets also help in facilitating cost-effective handling.

About Biomass Co-firing

It means the combustion and mixing of biomass materials along with other fuels like coal, gas, etc. within a boiler. This reduces the usage of fossil fuels without increasing costs. The co-firing also helps in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions as fossil fuels usage is reduced.



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