Beating Retreat Ceremony 2023

The United Kingdom used the Beating Retreat Ceremony to call their patrolling units to the castle. India uses this ceremony to end its republic day celebrations. In India, Beating Retreat Ceremony is held on January 29th. All three wings of the Indian Military participate in the ceremony. The bands of the three forces, that is, Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force are the primary participants.

Key Highlights of Beating Retreat Ceremony 2023

  • The ceremony is held on the Raisina hills. The Raisina Hills house the most important buildings of the Government of India such as the Rashtrapati Bhavan (Residence of the President), the Prime Minister’s office, and other important buildings. The north and south blocks of Raisina hills were illuminated during the ceremony.
  • The band services of the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and Indian Navy conducted the Beating Retreat Ceremony.
  • The President of India participates in the Beating Retreat Ceremony

Beating Retreat Ceremony in England

Initially, the ceremony was called watch setting. It was performed during sunset. A single gunshot was fired during the ceremony. The patrolling units return to the castle after hearing the gunshot. It was first practiced during the seventeenth century. Later, James VII of Scotland introduced the drumbeat as an order for the patrolling troops to return.

Beating Retreat Ceremony in India

  • The ceremony started in India in 1955.
  • In 2016, the Central Armed Police Forces participated in the retreat for the first time




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