Australia removes British Monarchy from Bank notes

Former British colonies are deciding on their constitutional ties with Britain. For instance, India renamed the Rajpath to Kartavya Path. Similarly, Australia is to remove the face of the British Monarch from its currency bills. The changes are being made to the five dollar bills of Australia. The five dollar bills are the last notes to bear the face of the British Monarch. The coins will still hold the face of the monarch.

What is the plan?

The Central Bank of Australia recently announced that it is removing the face of the British monarch from its five-dollar bills. Till the demise of Queen Elizabeth, the five-dollar Australian notes had her face on them. After her death in 2022, the Australian Government should have reprinted the notes with King Charles III. Instead, it has decided to remove the British Monarch’s face completely from the bills.

Why British Monarch on Australian currency?

Australia is an independent country. But to date, the head of the Australian state is the British Monarch. Currently, King Charles III is the head of Australia. However, his role is symbolic.

Alternate plans

Instead of the face of the British Monarch, the Australian Reserve Bank is suggesting, including the theme of culture and history of first Australians. On the other side, the bank is planning on featuring a picture of the Australian parliament.



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