Indian Military Joint Training Exercise Trishakti Prahar

The Indian Defense Forces conducted firepower exercises called the “TRISHAKTI PRAHAR” to synergize the firepower assets and to orchestrate a battle. The exercise is important to keep the forces ready for battle.  The exercise was conducted by the Indian Air Force, CAPF, and the Indian Army. It was a firepower exercise.

About Trishakti Prahar

  • The main objective of Trishakti Prahar was to refresh battling skills
  • All the latest defense equipment was used during the exercise. This includes helicopters, infantry combat vehicles, new-generation equipment, mortars, artillery guns, etc.
  • Equipment made as a part of Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan was also used in the exercise
  • Forces moved and rehearsed across the regions of North Bengal
  • The Indian Army checks if the troops are in battle preparedness through these exercises

Reviewed by Eastern Command

The eastern command officer Lt Gen RP Kaltia reviewed the exercise. The eastern command is based in Kolkata and is one of the six commands of the Indian Army.

Where was the exercise held?

Teesta Field Firing Ranges. It is near Siliguri. The Siliguri is strategically important to India. This narrow 20 to 30-km-wide passage touches Bangladesh in the south and Bhutan in the north. If this passage is closed, the Indian mainland will lose its contact with the northeastern states. For this reason, the Siliguri corridor is important to India.



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