Twenty Point Programme (TPP) Progress Report

The Government of India launched the TPP in 1975. It has been revised twice since its launch, once in 1982 and then in 1986. The main objective of the program is to eradicate poverty and improve the lives of rural people using 20 points. During the 2022-23 budget, the union government increased the budget for the program by 36%. It allocated Rs 19,000 crores. In 2021-22, the budget allocated was Rs 15,000 crores. The budget allocation was for road construction. In recent times, the performance of the program has been poor. The NSO report released on TPP has proved it.

Progress Report on TPP

The National Statistical Office, NSO, recently released a progress report on TPP. According to the report, only 41% of the fixed target was completed in 2022-23. The aim was to build 125,000 km of road. But only 45,945 km has been completed.

Performance in fundraising

Apart from road construction, the TPP also works on raising funds for self-help groups. The fundraising was also reported to be poor.

About TPP

Currently, the TPP works on more than 50 schemes. The plans and reporting of TPP are quarterly. NSO says that the performance of TPP was poor in all schemes. In 2016, TPP achieved only 96% of its target. In 2019, the scheme completed only 13% of its target.




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