Approval to New-Age Courses granted by UGC

The University Grants Commission has granted several approvals to new skill-based courses in 6 universities of the country.

Why is this necessary?

  • While traditional education has served the past generation well but the advent of technology has made the reskilling of the upcoming workforce necessary.
  • While potential employees have claimed that there is a looming job crisis in the country, potential employers claim that the workforce leaving the college is not trained for work and requires substantial upskilling before been considered for employment.
  • This has made the role of UGC even more important as it needs to evaluate the needs of the industry and align it with the skill training currently being provided to the students.

What has the UGC done?

  • The UGC has approved new degree programs in the applications of modern technology like the Internet of Things (IoT), in Artifical Intelligence (AI), Robotics and in Advanced Data Analytics.
  • Modern programs that handle the nitty-gritty of modern financing and technical banking like Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Patents, Private Banking and Export & Import Documentation have also been approved.?
  • The new courses have been approved in 6 universities all across the country located in Agra, Bengaluru, etc.
  • Once the courses take off, the UGC has plans to approve similar courses in other universities in the country.

What do the experts say?

The experts have lauded the decision of the UGC as they believe the upskilling of the technical workforce currently graduating in India is necessary. Not only will this ease the ongoing job crisis but also enable India to become a leading supplier of trained technicians and experts.

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