Agewell Foundation study: Human Rights of older people vulnerable

As per a study conducted by Agewell Foundation a majority of elder people are dwelling in misery, disparity and worries due to lack of family support, declining social and traditional values and their vulnerability to a sense of loneliness. The nationwide survey was done to understand the legal provisions and practices in context of protection of human rights of older persons.

Major conclusions of the study:

  • Population of elderly people crossed 100 million recently and is expected to increase rapidly for another three to four decades, poses a big challenge for policy planners.
  • The national policy formulated in 1999 has mentioned many well-being provisions for the older people but due to lethargic legal proceedings it has not yet been implemented.
  • Older persons lodged in Indian prisons as undertrials and convicts are living in misery.
  • Cases of murder and extortions of senior citizen are on the rise.


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