75th Anniversary of Attack on Pearl Harbor

A moment of silence was observed by thousands as they watched jets streak across the sky at a solemn ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the attack which had paved the entry of United States into World War II and had left more than 2300 service people dead.

Decades ago Japanese planes had attacked the US naval base at the harbour. A standing ovation was also given to Adm Harry Harris of US Pacific Command as he stood in favour of the national anthem. Paul Hillard from National World War II Museum said that the anniversary is homage to “what freedom does when it is faced with fascism”.

The attack on Pearl Harbour which is also called the “Battle of Pearl Harbour” , the Hawaii Operation or even Operation Al by the Japanese was an attack on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbour by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The primary reason was to keep the US Pacific Fleet from any interference with Japanese military operations in Southeast Asia. US suffered huge losses in the attack and declared war on Japan the following day.



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