2025 IIAS (International Institute of Administrative Sciences) Annual Conference

India recently decided to host the 2025 IIAS Annual Conference. This reflects India’s commitment to multilateralism, good governance, and administrative reforms. 

About IIAS 

The IIAS (International Institute of Administrative Sciences), established in 1930, serves as a global federation dedicated to advancing administrative sciences. It comprises member states, national sections, and academic research centers, all collaborating to address contemporary policy challenges related to public administration. With its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, IIAS plays a crucial role in fostering innovative and effective governance practices worldwide. 

Participation and Theme 

The 2025 conference is set to witness the participation of 30 member countries, 18 national sections, and over 50 IIAS universities and institutes of public administration. With a theme proposed as ‘Next Generation Administrative Reforms – Empowering the Citizens and Reaching the Last Mile,’ the conference aims to explore strategies that enable citizen empowerment and ensure effective governance at all levels. 

India’s Perspective on IIAS 

India views IIAS as a significant institution for international relations in the field of public administration. Since 1998, the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances has been an institutional member, actively contributing to the organization’s deliberative democracy, research publications, and fiscal processes. 

2023: A Year of Global Summits 

India is gearing up to host two crucial summits in 2023—the G-20 Leaders’ Summit and the SCO Leaders’ Summit. These events highlight India’s position as the world’s largest democracy and a digitally advanced nation. They underscore the country’s ability to successfully host important bilateral and multilateral gatherings while emphasizing the importance of decentralized and functional governance models. 

Formulating the Research Agenda 

In formulating the research agenda for the 2025 IIAS Conference, the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances will receive support from the Director General of the Indian Institute of Public Administration and a member of the Research Advisory Committee of IIAS. This collaboration ensures that the conference addresses relevant issues and explores innovative approaches to administrative reforms. 



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