Monthly Archives: May 2009

Mega Quiz June (First) : Based Upon Current Affairs

1.Ms. Neerja Chaudhary was recently chosen for Prem Bhatia award in journalism . She was chosen for which category ?(A)political journalism(B)business journalism(C)sports journalism 2.With a view to keep the price of commodities under check , ..

Quiz 122 : Indian Agriculture : For Civil Services & Banking Exams 2012

1. The Government of India fixes the Minimum Support Prices after taking into account the recommendations of which among the following bodies? [A]Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution [B]Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs ..

Quiz 121: GK for All Examinations

123456789 1). Which among the following was the first note known as “Greenback” issued in United States? Federal Reserve Note Demand Note United States Note Treasury Note 2). Kangeri Ghat Park is located in which ..

Quiz 120 : General Knowledge for SSC-CGL Examinations

12345678910 1). One minute of arc of latitude along any meridian is also known as__? One Degree One Mile One Nautical Mile One mach 2). Which among the following is considered to be a part ..

Quiz 119: General Studies for States Civil Services Examinations

12345678910 1). Zebrafish, which has been genetically modified in Glofish to be sold as a pet is native to which among the following countries? India and Sri Lanka Australia & New Zealand India and Pakistan ..