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Mega Quiz June (First) : Based Upon Current Affairs

1.Ms. Neerja Chaudhary was recently chosen for Prem Bhatia award in journalism . She was chosen for which category ?(A)political journalism(B)business journalism(C)sports journalism 2.With a view to keep the price of commodities under check , the centre released another six lakh tonne of free sale _______-for the April June Quarter?(A)Wheat(B)Sugar(C)Rice 3.ANUSAT has been developed by ..

Quiz 122 : Indian Agriculture : For Civil Services & Banking Exams 2012

1. The Government of India fixes the Minimum Support Prices after taking into account the recommendations of which among the following bodies? [A]Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution [B]Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs [C]Planning Commission [D]Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices Assurance of a remunerative and stable ..

Quiz 121: GK for All Examinations

1. Which among the following was the first note known as “Greenback” issued in United States? [A] Federal Reserve Note[B] Demand Note[C] United States Note[D] Treasury Note Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Demand Note] 2. Kangeri Ghat Park is located in which among the following states of India? [A] Chhattisgarh[B] Jharkhand[C] Odisha[D] West Bengal Show ..

Quiz 120 : General Knowledge for SSC-CGL Examinations

1. One minute of arc of latitude along any meridian is also known as__? [A] One Degree[B] One Mile[C] One Nautical Mile[D] One mach Show Answer Correct Answer: C [One Nautical Mile] 2. Which among the following is considered to be a part of Shadow Banking in India? [A] Business Correspondents[B] Bancassurance Providers[C] Non-Banking Financial ..

Quiz 119: General Studies for States Civil Services Examinations

1. Zebrafish, which has been genetically modified in Glofish to be sold as a pet is native to which among the following countries? [A] India and Sri Lanka[B] Australia & New Zealand[C] India and Pakistan[D] Japan Show Answer Correct Answer: A [India and Sri Lanka] 2. Kotada timba, which contains ruins of an ancient Harappan ..

Quiz 118 : Indian Economy for Bank PO Exams

1. Which among the following is the single largest cottage industry of Manipur state of India? [A] Sericulture Industry[B] Handloom Industry[C] Leather Industry[D] Jute Industry Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Handloom Industry] 2. The same type of pattern of agriculture can be seen generally in which parts of India, which resembles the “Ladang” pattern of ..

Quiz 117: Indian History for Public Service Examinations

1. During Freedom Struggle of India, which among the following movements started with Dandi ? [A] Swadeshi Movement[B] Noncooperative Movement[C] Civil Disobedience Movement[D] Quit India Movement Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Civil Disobedience Movement] Notes:Salt Satyagraha began with the Dandi March on March 12, 1930 and was the part of the first phase of the ..

Quiz 115 : Indian Constitution for Civil Services Examinations

1. Consider the following: Lok Sabha Legislative Assembly Rajya Sabha Legislative Council A Money bill can originate in which among the above? [A] Only 1[B] 1 & 2[C] 1, 2 & 3[D] 1, 2, 3 & 4 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [1 & 2] 2. Who among the following is the final interpreter & ..