200% increase in Cyber incidents in India

In the last two months (May and June, 2020), the number of cyber incidents have increased by 200%. However, there is no evidence that the incidents raised due to the tensions between India and China.


According to the Chief Information Security Officer of the PMO (Prime Minister Office), the phishing, ransomwares have gone up in the last two months. The increase is by 200% as compared to January and February, 2020. This steep increase is mainly due to work from home culture.

India and China

Though India and China are facing tensions at Line of Actual Control and India has banned around 59 Chinese Applications, the cyber threats are not from China.


The Chief Information Security Officer has suggested the following to reduce the cyber threats

  • India should become self-reliant (Atma Nirbhar Bharat)
  • In order to reduce frauds in banking, methods where the receiver of the funds through online transfer is not able to withdraw money for an hour.
  • The Cybersecurity architecture at the banks should be overhauled. This is because technology is upgrading rapidly.


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