What is Stop Tokyo Olympics?

The Stop Tokyo Olympics is an online campaign that is wanting to stop the Tokyo Olympics Games. It has gathered more than 200,000 signatures within two days of its launch. However, the organisers of the Olympic Games are to go ahead in conducting the games. The Pfizer agreed to donate their vaccine to help inoculate sportsperson participating in the games.


Japan is currently battling against the fourth wave of COVID-19 with a sluggish vaccination campaign. Majority of the public are also opposing the Olympics games that is to be held in Japan in July, 2021.

2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics was originally planned to be held in July 2020. But was postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic. This is the second time Japan is hosting the Olympics. Earlier Japan hosted Olympics in 1964. Also, 2020 Olympics is the second of the three consecutive Olympics in Asia. The first was held in South Korea in 2018, second to be held in Japan in 2021 and third has been planned to be held in China in 2022.

The new games to be introduced in 2020 Olympics are BMX, three by three basketball and madison cycling.

Biosecurity Protocols

The International Olympics Committee released biosecurity protocols for officials, athletes, press and other staff in February 2021.

The participants will be asked to use the Exposure Notification.

Exposure Notification

It is originally known as the Preserving Contact Tracing Project. It is a protocol specification developed by Google and Apple. It provides digital contact tracing during COVID-19 pandemic. Digital Contact Tracing is a method of contact tracing based on mobile application. It is used to determine the contact between the infected person and a user.


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