What is the meaning of Ambush Marketing?

Ambush Marketing refers to marketing concept where a company, or a brand banks on the publicity value of any major event without being the official sponsor of the same. It is generally associated with major sports events of international stature like the Olympic Games, the World Cup events etc. It is thus, a great marketing ..


What are Asian Games?

Asian Games also called Asiad are the most celebrated and second largest multi-Sports event after Olympic Games. It is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and is held once in every four years. Before the Asian Games came into being, the Far Eastern Championship Games were held and it was only after WWII when many ..

How many times Cricket game appeared in Olympics?

In 1896 Athens Olympics Cricket appeared in Olympics but it came down from that Olympics as there were not enough teams to compete. Cricket played for the first time in 1900 Paris Summer Olympics with two teams Great Britan and France. The Winner Great Britan received gold medal. Since then Cricket has never featured in ..