What is Operation London Bridge?

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Operation London Bridge became active in Britain. This is a protocol that has been in place since the announcement of the Queen’s death by Buckingham Palace on 8 September.

What is Operation London Bridge?

  • Operation London Bridge is the planning of events in the UK following the death of the head of state. Under this operation, the Prime Minister in Britain will first issue a statement on the news of the death from the government. After that she will address the public.
  • After this, King Charles of Britain will address the name of the country. The background of the Royal Family website will be darkened. This would in a way confirm the death of the Queen. At the same time, a black banner will appear on all UK government websites and social media pages.
  • The plan describes the day after the Queen’s death as D+1 and the day of her funeral as D+10. During this period, the British Parliament adjourns business for these 10 days by sending condolence messages.
  • The next day the Queen’s body is brought to Buckingham Palace. The Queen has died in Scotland, so Operation Unicorn will continue until her body is sent to London.
  • Condolences will be brought to Westminster Hall between the third and fifth days. Charles would then begin his tour of Britain as the new king.
  • After this, the body of Elizabeth II will be kept in Westminster Hall for three days. Here common people will be able to pay tribute to her. The tribute program will run for 23 hours a day.



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