What is ‘Dand Patta’ Maharashtra’s State Weapon?

On the occasion of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s birth anniversary on Monday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced the ‘dand patta’ or gauntlet sword as the official state weapon. The announcement was made at a ceremony in Shivneri Fort, the birthplace of the Maratha warrior king.

About ‘Dand Patta’ Sword

  • The ‘dand patta’ is a gauntlet comprising of a 90-centimetre sharp blade attached to a glove-like metal extension designed to fit the knuckles and back of the hand
  • It allowed warriors like Shivaji to slash enemies while still holding the reins of horses, providing more versatility in combat
  • Shivaji personally wielded the ‘dand patta’ in battle to deadly effect against Mughal forces
  • Over the centuries it became a legendary weapon associated with Maratha warriors’ bravery and martial traditions

Significance for Maharashtra

The ‘dand patta’ sword is an important part of Maharashtra’s history and heritage as a quintessential weapon of the Marathas. It is a symbol of the tactical innovation and guerilla warfare that Shivaji spearheaded to defeat bigger rivals with smaller forces.

Declaring it as the state weapon honours the brave Maratha soldiers and military generals who helped establish the Maratha Empire. It connects today’s Maharashtra with its glorious past and reinforces Shivaji’s image as a strong, smart and skilled warrior king

Promotion of Martial Heritage

The announcement promotes Maharashtra’s strong martial heritage and commemorate heroes like Shivaji.  It is also an ode to the state’s history of spearheading innovation in weapons, strategy and statecraft
The government aims to popularise stories of weapons like the ‘dand patta’ among the youth to inspire them about the state’s powerful history. Efforts will be undertaken to display and exhibit such weapons in museums and installations across the state

Mardani Khel

Mardani Khel is an armed Indian martial arts from Maharashtra. It uses various weapons including the Dand Patta’. Unlike many martial art forms, Mardani Khel has the same space for women as it does for men. Draped in the nav-vari saree, the female warriors of Mardani Khel  are trained with the same weapons and the same moves as the men.


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