What is a Solar Tree?

A structure that incorporates solar energy technology on a single pillar, like a trunk of a tree is known as Solar Tree. It may be a functional power generator or a solar artwork.

Purpose of Solar Tree

The purpose of Solar trees is to enhance the architecture and landscape they complement, usually in a public or commercial place, and to bring visibility to solar technology.

An objective of installing many solar trees is to promote understanding, awareness, and renewable energy adoption. They are not commonly used as a primary source of energy for a property as rooftop solar systems provide that energy.

Solar trees complement rooftop solar systems or other green building initiatives, symbolizing larger investments and their environmental benefits.

Solar trees can promote solar technology enthusiasm and awareness while also providing shade and meeting spots.

Importance of Solar Trees Usage in India

While speaking at a webinar on ‘Energy for Sustainable Growth,’ PM Modi emphasized the importance of renewable energy in India and urged the people of the nation to develop their own solar trees, which can help save up to 15% on electricity.

India’s energy demands will rise in the upcoming future; thus, a switch is required to transition to renewable energy. Hence, every Indian household should develop solar trees which can save up to 15% on electricity.

The builders and architects of the nation should also look to implement solar trees in their designs and buildings.

Solar Tree in India

In 2016, the CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute in Durgapur, developed a new model of Solar Tree for use in villages, national highways, and power grid systems, in order to reduce the country’s electricity crisis by increasing the share of renewable energy. With a minimal footprint of 2×2 sqft, the designed structure is capable of generating power in the range of 3-7 Kwh.



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