Vijay Diwas: December 16

Every year Vijay Diwas is celebrated on December 16. The day is celebrated to mark the victory of Bangladesh over Pakistan. It is marked in India and Bangladesh. On December 16, 1971, the Chief of Pakistani forces Abdullah Khan Niazi surrendered along with 93,000 troops to the allied forces of Mukti Bahini and the Indian Army. Vijay Diwas is observed in Bangladesh as Bijoy Dibos.

The 1971 war resulted in the liberation of East Pakistan.

1971 war

It was a military confrontation between India and Pakistan. The war was first fought between East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and Pakistan. India entered the war after Pakistan conducted premptive aerial strikes on eleven Indian air stations.

The war ended after Pakistan military signed the Instrument of Surrender with the Eastern command of the Indian Army.

During the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, the Pakistani military and the Islamist militias killed more than three million Bangladesh civilians. They also raped more than 400,000 Bangladeshi women and girls.

Kargil Vijay Diwas

The Kargil Vijay Diwas is marked on July 26. It is celebrated in the honour of Kargil war heroes. The Kargil conflict is also referred to as Operation Vijay.

There were three major phases in Kargil war. First, Pakistan captured the Indian controlled section of Kashmir at various high points. In the second phase, India responded by capturing several strategic high points. In the third phase, India succeeded in pushing the Pakistani forces back to the Line of Control.

During the war, the Indian Air Force launched Operation Safed Sagar.

The war was fought with great difficulties. This is because Kargil, the site of conflict is located at a height of around 16,000 to 18,000 feet above the sea level. Thus, the aircrafts were required to fly at 20,000 feet. At these heights, the density of air is 30% less as compared to that of the sea level.


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