US Passes Legislation to Boost Quad Collaboration

In a major diplomatic boost to the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad), the United States House of Representatives has passed a bill aimed at augmenting strategic ties between member countries – USA, Australia, India and Japan.

Key Provisions

Enabling Parliamentary Coordination

The Quad legislation requires establishing an Intra-Parliamentary Working Group as a platform for regular discussions between lawmakers of the four democracies on shared regional interests and global outlook. This step will inaugurate a degree of political exchanges between legislators of all four countries and enhance the political ownership of Quad in these countries.

Guiding Executive Engagement Strategy

It directs the Biden Administration to submit a Congressional report within 180 days chalking out an action plan for enhanced governmental coordination under existing Quad workgroups and identifying new cooperation avenues.

The legislation has asked the US Secretary of State to initiate talks with partner countries within 60 days of the passage of the Act with the aim of arriving at a written agreement to establish the parliamentary group.

Facilitating Congressional Oversight

A 24-member congressional group would represent USA in Quad meets, frame agendas and coordinate with House Foreign Affairs Committee through annual reviews, ensuring legislative supervision. The group’s half  is from the House and half from the Senate and the aim would be to meet once a year.

Core Policy Priorities

Pandemic Preparedness

Post-COVID economic recovery, health infrastructure building and medical supply chains resilience are key priorities.

Technological Partnerships

Joint research, semiconductors supply chain, 5G diversification, cybersecurity and facilitating talent exchanges are other areas.

Infrastructure Building

Sustainable infrastructure projects, clean energy transitions, climate resilience and disaster relief mechanisms remain integral for the Indo-Pacific.

U.S. House passes China-Tibet dispute bill

The United States House of Representatives has also passed a bipartisan legislation titled ‘Promoting Resolution to the Tibet-China Dispute Act’ that aims to pressure China to restart negotiations with Tibetan leaders towards conflict de-escalation.

It seeks to compel China to resume dialogue with representatives of the Dalai Lama and democratically elected Tibetan leaders which stalled in 2010 to work towards reducing long-running tensions.

The Act also dismisses China’s version of Tibet being an ancient part of its territory as inaccurate and requires the US State Department to actively counter its disinformation campaigns regarding Tibetan history and governance.


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